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                                 Overall characteristics                                 

  • Standard 86-type switch panel, wireless design, installation without wiring,  installation is more flexible.
  • The panel adopts laser engraving technology, with backlight display, fashionable and fashionable, the door can be opened by induction or light touch.
  • Using 2.46 wireless communication technology, the frequency consistency is good, and the stability of wireless transceiver is high.
  • The transmitter adopts low-power transmission technology, which has a long transmission distance, saves power and saves battery life.
  • The receiver adopts self-learning code matching, which is convenient for customers to add induction switches at any time.
  • The receiver's wide voltage input design, 12 30V DC power input is effective.
  • When the remote control is valid, the blue light is on, you can confirm whether the switch is valid.    


                         Input and output wire definition                           


                           Receiver wiring instructions                              

Wiring diagram between the receiver and the automatic door controller


                                     Matching method                                    

  • This product is a self-learning code type, the transmitter code must be learned from this controller before use,Can learn up to 20 transmitters.
  • Learning method: Press the receiver's learning button and then release, the blue indicator light, enter the learning state,At this time, and then sense or touch the transmitter, and the blue light of the receiver will flash twice, then you can learn successfully.After 5 seconds, it will automatically exit and return to the standby state.
  • Deletion method: Press and hold the learning button for 5 seconds, the blue light flashes quickly, you can delete all the codes. (This product does not have a single deletion) 

                                 Output status selection                                

If the state selection switch is pulled to the M position, it is a jog output. Each time the transmitter senses, it will output a door opening signal of about 1.5S. Most receivers used with hand press switches are choose this mode



If the status selection switch is pulled to the L position, it is a hold type output, and the output signal is kept. Each time the transmitter senses or touches, the output state will change once.






                                        Integral feature                                     

  • Using a capacitive sensor chip, by detecting the movement of the charge brought by the palm of the human body,
  • Instead of traditional mechanical contact switches, non-contact induction on the front of the hand is clean and hygienic.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, effectively improve the ordinary infrared hand induction is affected by strong light interference.
  • The sensing distance is adjustable from 1 to 3cm.
  • The standard 86-type switch panel design is convenient for installation in various occasions.
  • The panel adopts the laser engraving process and cooperates with the backlight display, which is fashionable and fashionable.
  • The dry contact output of the relay is convenient for connection with various gate control devices.

                                    Wiring instructions                                    

                              Application wiring diagram                             



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