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Well done Better with every window

Breaking through all the inconvenience and remove all limitations. Make your windows better with WELL DONE Smart WIndow, that allows you to open and close your windows from long distance.


Smart Window 

Make your window best with WELL DONE Smart window

  • Remote control up to 35 metre distance
  • Automatic sensor for automatic ON/OFF when raining, windy or weather change.   
  • Easy installation. Can fit in with existing window frame
  • Durable and long lasting



   Open from side             Open from bottom 




Standard Size

  • Max window weight 40 kg.
  • Dc Power 24 V.
  • Working TEM - 10 °c - 50 °c
  • Electric single chain 500 mm.
  • Remote LED 15 channel
  • Control range 35 meters indoor and 200 meters outdoor
  • W 50 x L 407 x H 40 mm. 


Remote 15 Channel

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